Damilola Taylor Trust

November 2014 saw the 14th anniversary of the murder of ten-year old schoolboy Damilola Taylor, who was stabbed and left to die in a stairwell in Peckham, East-London.  Following the tragedy, the Damilola Taylor Trust was founded in memory of the youngster. The trust was set up with the intent of improving the lives of young people and to support young inner-city community groups.

However, in September, Damilola’s father Richard made an emotional appeal for a fresh-injection of cash for the foundation, which had been experiencing financial hardship for over three years. Revealing a debt of over £53,000, Mr Taylor expressed that it was a very real possibility that the trust would have to close if additional funds were not urgently sourced.

Fortunately, Tony Charalambides and Listen Fundraising heard the call. In November, Listen pledged £25,000 to the Damilola Taylor Trust in order to provide the financial stability needed to keep the trust afloat.

On donating the money to the DTT, Tony Charalambides remarked that the trust is a, “crucial initiative for inner-city youths” and that Listen was, “delighted to be able to help the Damilola Taylor Trust to go on undertaking its vital work.”

Damilola’s father, Richard, said that “The funding donated by Listen will be critical to help keep the organisation running” and added that, “Receiving such a gift on the anniversary of the loss of my son, Damilola, makes this generosity even more poignant.”

But Listen is not prepared to stop there. Following their own donation, they have set a challenge of raising an additional £20,000 for the foundation. They are looking for support from individuals, companies and their own fundraising team in order to reach the target. What’s more, Listen will match the total figure raised by the end of March 2015.

To find out more about the Trust, the campaign and to donate to this worthy cause simply visit the Listen Fundraising for Damilola Taylor Trust Just Giving page.


Institutionally Recognized

With over 5,000 members, The Institute of Fundraising is one of the largest representative organisations in the voluntary industry. Their ethos is to try and create a better understanding and environment in which fundraisers can practice, through the provision of material aimed at building skills and awareness.

Fundraising enthusiasts are able to engage with likeminded peers throughout the Institute of Fundraising website. Tony’s latest blog entry was chosen to appear as a guest piece on the site, alongside many other inspiring charity articles.

CISION are one of the leading providers of communications software and media tools, operating services to consumers throughout the globe. Through its website, CISION provides an online database for over 1.6 million contacts and provide expertise for marketing professionals.

Tony’s blog  was recently chosen amongst the top ten U.K charity blogs to be included on CISION’S site, alongside posts from the Institute of Fundraising  and JustGiving.

So near SOFII

Tony Charalambides recently contributed an  article for Listen Fundraising sponsored organisation, SOFII. The acronym SOFII is short for, ‘Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration’ and their website features a number of charity-based articles from partners and guest writers.

Having been a keen admirer of SOFII for a number of years, Tony was delighted to be asked to comment on  what he thinks is unique about the organisation. In his recent post , Tony discusses  his respect and admiration for SOFII and suggests how other fundraising affiliates can learn from them.

I Wish I’d Thought of That

September saw the annual ‘I Wish I’d Thought of That’ conference in London. Since 2012, guest speakers invited to the conference have been tasked to pick a particular fundraising idea that has inspired them and share their views with peers in a presentation lasting a maximum of seven minutes.

This year saw a further twenty guests give presentations on a range of inspiring fundraising topics. Tony Charalambides was in attendance and recently discussed his thoughts on the event in his latest blog post.

About me

Tony Charalambides is the Managing Director of  Listen Fundraising, a position which he has held successfully from August 2008. Listen is a pioneering telephone fundraising agency, offering advice and specialist experience in Legacy and Mobile fundraising. Listen’s expertise in fundraising has seen them attain many accolades, including winner of ‘Best Use of Telephone’ Award at the Institute of Fundraising National Awards in 2012 and 2014.

In his spare time, Tony can be found writing insightful blogs around all types of fundraising related issues. To coincide with the recent hundred-year anniversary of the first world war, Tony’s latest blog (http://www.tonycharalambides.com/) explores the notion of charity work at this time.