Institutionally Recognized

With over 5,000 members, The Institute of Fundraising is one of the largest representative organisations in the voluntary industry. Their ethos is to try and create a better understanding and environment in which fundraisers can practice, through the provision of material aimed at building skills and awareness.

Fundraising enthusiasts are able to engage with likeminded peers throughout the Institute of Fundraising website. Tony’s latest blog entry was chosen to appear as a guest piece on the site, alongside many other inspiring charity articles.

CISION are one of the leading providers of communications software and media tools, operating services to consumers throughout the globe. Through its website, CISION provides an online database for over 1.6 million contacts and provide expertise for marketing professionals.

Tony’s blog  was recently chosen amongst the top ten U.K charity blogs to be included on CISION’S site, alongside posts from the Institute of Fundraising  and JustGiving.